Ebook of a Happy Bloody Kid


Bloody Kid Update

Here is an excerpt from a short story, eBook, about a happy Bloody Kid.

The stumbling movement had me trapped. I could only go one way…the sign. Well, another thing, I have to add, is these signs were made from quarter inch ply corrugated metal with holes. At the time, I felt this one was personal for me, I tried to change my feet left or right, but they only stumbled. I was falling to a stop, into a Stop Sign. Although I didn’t try, it seemed I guided my head rather than tear up my shoulder. Oh, that was a lot of blood.

Crashing my head into a sharp metal post stopped my thoughts. The Ferris wheel of thought stopped spinning. The joker in me paused and said, ‘oh-oh.’ I saw my life flash before me. All twelve fine years. My only recollection of it was that it was so short. Biased, naive and short. Biased to my corner of the world, but so naive, I didn’t really have much to judge my twelve years. And there was so little to observe. Five actual frames as metaphors I think from my life, but they were alive in their own right, and representative of the few things I did. There was a filmstrip of it, so peculiar how that was. But the strangest thing was the unwinding took longer than it did to observe my recorded lifetime. Unused film unwound, clicked away, just waiting to unfurl the story had it been filled.

The feeling of blood flow zips one to a place beyond body, place and time. Even when you know your blood flows out of you there is something about the life of it. It assures you there is a way to the madness.

It has its own voice that says, “keep talking buddy, you’re all right.”


Copyright Devil


Martin Luther, of prior ages, in a rueful swipe at the Catholic Church was known to have said, “Why should the papacy/Catholic Church have all the great art music–let’s have it in the Christian church.”

In saying so, Luther expressed desire to add to a canon of wonderful music for the church. The melodies of Bach, his fugues and beautiful choruses sets hearts afire. When the Devil copyrights his work it is not known, not advertised and not claimed.  The genius of “copyright devil” get’s payment naturally through the workings of the stars. Man’s music for the church uncover’s nobility in man’s desire to worship God. The Devil’s copyright © shows up day to day in the workings of business and pleasure from the musical troupe Shakespeare utilized on the road and in court with the King to modern day music aggregators BMG, Pandora, Jango to name a few along with numerous record labels.

“My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary.”

Martin Luther

When The Copyright Has Set

One may tell that the copyright Devil has set in when it becomes difficult to make the music your own for your own creative purposes. Supposedly, it’s ok to copy music and add to it to make a work of art that stand’s on it’s own. There may be need for lawyers. The popular songs, the devil’s as they say, are not to be posted to Facebook. Any attempt to post results in a scan and kind message with a warning that the account that repeats any attempts to post copyrighted songs may be closed. Songs can be posted to Youtube with the understanding that the copyright owner has rights to advertise on the posting. That’s somewhat generous for artists seeking to build on the Devil’s copyright.

It pleases the reader and myself to imagine the music playing when a writer put into words the story the reader reads. The connection between reader and writer is evermore enriched with music. Stephen King describes in “On Writing,” how the relationship between reader and writer is enriched when a connection comes that relates to what he was listening to, how the writing sounds, and what the reader imagines, thinks and specifically hears when he reads the text. It’s a little creepy to think, but read his book.

Beyond Song and Writing

Song creates (link to music creates) a common set of ideas which allude to a structure that we know where we’re coming from. Yes, there is a sort of ethereal syntax that only psychedelic explorers can easily yet only momentarily grasp that holds the ideas of a book or a song in one sort of easily accessible psychological internet. Now, roll with me on this, it’s fun. These song ideas create something new each time the syntax is “accessed.” As these creations come out they may gain exposure and grow with the community. When it’s hashed out, squared up and pounded, which many cultures call hexing, these are all loaded words with intriguing etymologies, then shebang! The minions add the copyright Devil ©, latching all the details to the hierarchy with endless details. It’s not a bad thing per se. The Devil is in the details.

Truth? Huh, try beauty


In the many instances that Terrance McKenna spoke of truth and what he learned in a college study of philosophy, he mentioned that his professor taught; that, of course you can learn the truth of things. That is the important skill we need to learn to take responsibility. Then he adds a juicy tidbit. Now that you’ve learned the truth, what of it? Huh? Well try beauty.

In Food of the Gods Mckenna puts forth eloquent and punditry explanations of psychedelic mushroom experiences as the foundation for the idea of the Tree of Knowledge. There is a beauty to this explanation. Moreover, Mckenna’s tone is that of calming, aesthetic and always up for a laugh either it be high brow chuckle or a gaff in the form of a generous takeaway.

When you can make something beautiful then you have taken what is true and constructed something new according to the rules. This is not an easy task. Consider music. The difficulty of obtaining a music career in pop music, among many, is exemplified in Macy Gray’s career. After having a signed record contract, she produced her first album only to learn that the recording company refused to publish it. With that devastation, and a marriage breakup, she returned to her hometown of Canton, Ohio. The demo tape however kept making the rounds between recording studios. Gradually she gained thumbs up of the recording executives and agents, and her efforts with the demo turned into a publishing deal that evolved into a full blown record contract with Epic. Take a look at what Billboard Magazine had to say, it’s exciting.

Read her bio on how she got her start and the difficulty boggles the imagination. If that’s not enough, then consider her success. Beauty in the World,

might be another tale that Mckenna would grab hold of to elucidate with his ornate and mesmerizing speaking ability. Her song and video went to the top of the charts as they say. The excitement of what’s beautiful, makes you want to shout.

We shouted yeah’s pulsated by the rhythm of our footsteps as we ran to the back of the station wagon. Dad said we could sit on the tailgate and eat our dinner. We waited for him to get out of the car and let down the tailgate after mom said don’t touch that. We had started to loose the metal latch. My hair was long past my ears those days, it seemed okay to me although I knew it may not be fancy or stylish like the New Yorker ads. The tailgate was heavy so my sister and I both leaned hard on the cold steel door to push it back. We could barely contain our excitement, as my sister shouted out something about where she was going to sit. I didn’t listen to what she said, but hearing her claim something, I had to say that I get to sit there too. The parking lot was scattered with pebbles from years ago paving, and an influx of rock chips from other areas. Most of the lot was just grey tar. The sunset air cooled the lot outside the A&W Rootbeer. I think I counted 27,000 rocks before dad let down the tailgate.

He lifted me up and then my sister. I think she objected to where I sat. He soothed her when he lifted her up and she was satisfied for the attention and good seating. The tailgate was uncomfortable as it was hard and cold. As I looked at my sister frown at the discomfort, I realized that I too was grimacing. A mild fear set in at the discomfort of hard cold steel pushing on our legs with the rocks below our little feet. We were about eight years old, still small and easily frightened. We began to moan and groan as dad would say. I felt a wave of fear about the situation but then came the cheeseburgers. All was well as the charm of soft, warm drizzling burger sandwiches were handed to us out of the paper sack.

The paper wrap felt plastic and waxy. I felt cold disappointment. I had been so elated to get up on out and eat my heart out. The despondent crackle of waxed paper and the nauseating feel of non porous coating over my food set me back. I looked to dad with the unwrapped cheeseburger in my hands. He stood there poised for entertainment watching me. As he smiled, he reached out to me and he unwrapped the contents. My heart rose to the consolation. I saw there was something I could eat. I bit into the cheeseburger with the ghoulish wrap. It melted away as I chewed. I couldn’t stop and soon enough I was done with it. My sister was enjoying her burger as well after dad unwrapped it so she could eat.

The tailgate lost it’s allure and I squirmed to the edge. Dad made sure I slid down with ease. I wandered around the perimeter of the car to kick the rock chips and slide my foot to grate the pebbles into piles. I reached to pick up a choice rock chip and mom said no. Dad appeared with a small packet of french fries. He put them in my hand and said they’re hot so eat them just a little at a time. The light brown packet held the fries in a bunch. I tasted one and it was melty and crunchy. I saw that I could grate pebbles and eat at the same time, and I eased into a mindless crunching on fries waiting for them to melt as I grated rocks and pebbles with the side of my white wall tennis shoes.

It was a beautiful night out at the A&W Rootbeer stand. Dad made sure it was safe, and so did mom. Being only eight years old, I didn’t have much to do with that, but I was heavily involved in the rocks. If I could kick around in the rocks for satisfaction, then I might enjoy dinner’s juicy tidbits, as mom helped me discover. She didn’t say it, she simply helped me carefully pull out the hot fries so I wouldn’t burn my fingers. My stomach felt full on the ride home. I sat dazing in the back seat before I went to sleep.

Content Writing – Fishing Club Logos


Fishing Club Logos

Written for a Designer of Logos

February 23, 2013

Your fishing club has acquired a taste and zest that you would like to capture in a logo. The young sons who discover they can bring in the big one makes for memorable days. The parents see a special time they are glad to share. A fisherman once said, “all fishermen are liars, except you and me. And, sometimes I wonder about you.” Well, a logo helps your club members understand fishing. Whether it is the candid humility of most fishermen, or the high flying tale of the one that got away, you will see you can capture the feeling and represent your club with a carefully planned and designed logo.

Get a logo that shows you took the time to think it out and stand above the clipart that could have been. You want the story of your business to show in one image that will last with customers. Logos with concepts from your fishing adventures, and your customer feedback will invariably provide a lasting image. Concept logos have been shown to never go out of date, whereas those with the line in the water without any bait lose their edge in a season or so.

Sure you want to bait your logo with meaning, in a way that shows to those in your membership the spirit of angling, casting and catching fish. A logo that comes from the spirit the club offers to its participants avoids smelling fishy at the start and brings home the real deal.

That person who looms around your club; tells tall tales for the interested youths, and adults with a gleam in their eyes may be the one to offer an appeal that captures the vision of the club. You look outside and see “tall tale” is smiling face, with his large chin yammering up and down as he stands on the docks with new visitors. Tall tale’s vision is your vision, and he might be the prototype for your logo.

There are those who characterize the meaning, the joy of fishing. In the mind of those fisher souls, the saying, ìI spend most of my life fishing, the rest I just waste, brings to mind peaceful repose in a boat with a hat hung low over the brow and fishing pole extended out over the water. The bobber a floating or wiggling with a fresh catch of the day. Times like these bring to mind memories of fishing that characterize your club in a way that deposits the meaning with one fell swoop of an image. Successful designers use this image to build lasting logos.

Usually you will want to use no more than three colors in your logo, with easy to read text and clear graphics. Avoid using a photograph as it will not reproduce as clearly as a graphic. Simple, elegant logos go the distance. Longevity of a logo, when your club members have a shirt with the logo years after the tourney, comes from a solid concept and design that delivers a fond memory of placid days gone by the bay, lake or river.

Social Media Investment Results – Article Writing Sample


Social Media Investment Results

Written for a publisher

November 13, 2012


Social media is the latest darling to romance the stock market, now with dramatically mixed results as the earnings come in lower than expected or not at all.  Many entrepreneurs seeking to develop the next Facebook labor with hopes for the security and success of the huge job increases from successful IPO’s in cities such as San Francisco, and New York.   As the smoke from the fireworks and hype of anything social media clears, investors are rapidly devaluing the overpriced stocks.  Stocks such as LinkedIn (LNKD), remaining at an inflated price of 915 times its earnings, leave analysts openly wondering when the shoe will drop.  Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Pandora, and Yelp to name of few of the social media darlings have lost significant stock value in the last year.

What’s happening with Social Media’s Money?


With mobile smart phone usage topping 1 billion users (Palumbo, 2012), and total world cell phone use expected to outnumber the world population by the end of 2012, the smart phone is the fastest spreading technology known in human history.  Tablet and smart phone use are driving up mobile provider’s usage and pulling away from traditional home and business internet providers.  Ten years ago traditional internet providers were just beginning their existence.  It is shocking to see new technology overtake old with this speed.  With the move to 7” tablet screens with less viewable area, fewer ads are visible and result in lower revenue per user.  Additionally, Google notes viewing done in bursts from smartphones and tablets, and not more extensive visits as from PC’s, drives down the window of opportunity for profitable ad viewing.


Investor and user interest are fading from the social media darlings as new technology predators consume old technology replacing it with lower cost and lest revenue producing business models.  The investment hype of the entire social media darling group builds on the assumption there will be earnings, and the business plan executes in perfect way to maximize all earning opportunities.  Sorry, the waning interest in social media offerings is and always has been fickle, subject to viral knowledge and passive behavior not directly controlled by sales and marketing strategy.  There are no automatic profits and no always perfectly executed business plans for investors hoping on this goodbye darling.


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